It’s been a while.

First off welcome to 2013. I know it has been a while since I have taken the time to jot down my thoughts, so I will try to not to ramble too much.

I guess I will start with an update on how things are going in my life. The move went well, and we are finally starting to feel like we are at home. We still haven’t completely finished unpacking and there are still some pictures that need to go up, but we are getting there. As for the town It is nice area, and so far it is living up to its motto as a town of friendly people. We like living in a smaller town, and yet still having the convince of the big city close by. The only draw back would be that I wish I lived a little closer to where I work because the amount of gas I’m using up commuting back and forth each day.  I guess sometimes thats the price you pay to live where you want.

As for the new job so far I really like it. The people I work with have been very nice, and have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. I am also really enjoying the job its self. The work has been challenging, and that is exactly what I was looking for when I took this job. I have really enjoyed the fact that everyday I walk into work I am going to learn something new. It is such a change of pace from my previous job. In other news it’s almost time for our busy time to kick off, and I will be working like crazy it should be fun.

Oh well thats it for now. I hope you have all had a wonderful new year, and I will be back another post soon.