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Just and hoosier living in North Carolina

It’s been a while.

First off welcome to 2013. I know it has been a while since I have taken the time to jot down my thoughts, so I will try to not to ramble too much.

I guess I will start with an update on how things are going in my life. The move went well, and we are finally starting to feel like we are at home. We still haven’t completely finished unpacking and there are still some pictures that need to go up, but we are getting there. As for the town It is nice area, and so far it is living up to its motto as a town of friendly people. We like living in a smaller town, and yet still having the convince of the big city close by. The only draw back would be that I wish I lived a little closer to where I work because the amount of gas I’m using up commuting back and forth each day.  I guess sometimes thats the price you pay to live where you want.

As for the new job so far I really like it. The people I work with have been very nice, and have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. I am also really enjoying the job its self. The work has been challenging, and that is exactly what I was looking for when I took this job. I have really enjoyed the fact that everyday I walk into work I am going to learn something new. It is such a change of pace from my previous job. In other news it’s almost time for our busy time to kick off, and I will be working like crazy it should be fun.

Oh well thats it for now. I hope you have all had a wonderful new year, and I will be back another post soon.



Things are looking up.

Well, things are finally starting to fall into place. We have found a place to live when we move. It is a nice house, and while it was a little more than I wanted to spend each month on rent it is still with in our budget. Also my wife was able to transfer to a new office with in her company, and on top of the she received a promotion as well. We are still looking for someone to rent our current house, but hopefully that will happen soon. I feel a lot more relaxed now that things are more settled, and we have a clearer picture of what our life is going to be like once we move.  I know my last couple of posts have been short, and I will try and write a little more soon.



So my transition has begun, and so far it hasn’t been a fun one. I’m trying juggle so many things right now it is causing a lot of stress in my life right now.  own the house I’m living in now, and because of the market I’m not ready to sell it. This means that I need to rent the house out as soon as possible, so I don’t have to pay both rent at a new place and my mortgage at the same time. In addition to going threw that process I am also trying to find a place three hours away from where I currently live. So far this has been a pain in the ass. There is almost nothing on the internet in the area, and when you travel up there it is hard to find places as well. I was up there a couple of days ago, and we looked at three houses. They where all total dumps. The realtor said that they had been renovated If this was true I think my 6 year old nephew could have done a better job. I’m not a picky person, but come on can we at least make it a livable. On a better note I’m going up there this weekend to look at house that may be worth the trip. Time is running out, and I need to find a place asap. Once I start my new career I will hit the ground running and won’t have a lot of time unpack and things like that. So I need to move with enough lead time to get settled in so I don’t leave it up to the wife. So here is hoping the weekend goes well.


Why Hoosierhawk

So why is this blog called Hoosierhawk? Well it’s a pretty simple answer, and yet complicated at the same time. The simple answer is that is Hoosierhawk is a combination of my home state and my college mascot. The Longer answer is, I am originally from Indiana, and therefore I was born and raised a Hoosier. Then when I left to go off to college I found my self on the east coast of North Carolina attending, the home of the Seahawks, The University of North Carolina of Wilmington. After receiving both my Bachelors and Masters degree from there, my time as Seahawk as had as much influence on my life as my time in Indiana did.

Hoosierhawk is an amalgamation of all the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. It represents the fact that I have been and will always be a Hoosier. I haven’t lived in the state for 10 years, and yet when people ask me where I am from I always say I’m originally from Indiana. Indiana shaped my youth and will always be a large part of my life. I experienced so much during my time in Indiana, and loved growing up in the midwest where with-in an hour drive I was near a large city, a big time university, small towns, and corn as far as the eye could see. It allowed me to have such a diverse upbringing that I’m not sure I would have gotten elsewhere. I think growing up in Indiana really shaped my personality, and made me the a well rounded individual I am today. Being a Hoosier is an important part of my identity and always well be. Like Duncan MacLeod from the Highlander series would introduce himself as “Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod,” I will always be a Hoosier.

However, being a Hoosier is only half of the story. I have spent the last 10 years living on the eastern coast of North Carolina pursing my education, and that has had almost as much influence on my life as Indiana did. In that 10 years I have gotten married, earned two college degrees, ran a restaurant, and am now I am about to embark on an entirely different career. I would be a fool if I discounted the that portion of my life when trying to describe myself. I became an adult at UNCW, and grew so much as a person, a husband, a worker, and a friend during my time their that I will always be indebted to the University.

So there you have it, the reason this blog is called Hoosierhawk. I look forward to sharing more with who ever reads this blog.


Hello world!

I guess “Hello world” isn’t a bad title for my first post. I would like to take credit for the title like it was some genius idea I had to introduce this blog to the world, but I can’t. In this case I will have to give all the credit to WordPress, and before you ask, yes I know that is the default title they put on all new blogs. I just thought it was a good starting off point for this blog. I mean when you stop and think, it is theoretically possible that people from all over the world could be viewing this blog right now. It kind of blows my mind how technology and the internet has changed the way we interact with each other. 10 years ago I never thought I would have a facebook page, a twitter account, and now a blog. Yet here I am, about to start a blog in which I’m going to share my thoughts, my feelings, and my story with anybody who reads this (not that I expect many people to actually see this). But I digress.

The reason I am creating this blog is not only to share my thoughts with anybody who cares to read them, but more importantly I am creating this blog as a place to chronicle my experiences as I enter into this next phase of my life. So what you can expect as this blog moves forward is a little bit of everything. So to as this journey begins take a look at the about me and my blog section to find out a little more about me, as well as a little insight into the future of this blog.  So in ending, let me truly say hello to anyone who comes across this blog, and thank you for sharing in a little piece of my world.